Smokers Savior lies about delivery-Customer Service reps rude untrained

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If you plan on ordering from Smokers Savior, plan on waiting weeks to get your product if ever.Oh they will try to push u into buying tons of extras and charge your credit card the day u order.

But when it doesnt come, u get to call the rude teenage customer service crew led by Jen. Who, by the way, has no boss. So you cant report her lack of customer service skills and failure to properly train her teenage customer unservice crew. They will hang up on you(Christine), lie to you (Jessica) and give u the runaround (Jen).

Forget sincerity and professionalism. Jen actually said "we dont know what the sales team is saying and they have no idea what happens at the warehouse." They promise the product will be in your hands in 7-10 days. I ordered on the 13th and my money was taken out of my account immediately. Never got a call about a backorder of the one and only product they sell mind you.

The computer screen says it was shipped on the 19th. But there is no tracking information.Really? Another week goes by. I'm out $200 and still have no product.

But I have had the pleasure of speaking with four of the most rude, untrained and unhelpful people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. Yeahhhh. I demanded they overnight the product to me. Oh yes Jen said she would send it in 3 days and threatened me that if I got the original package I was responsible for sending it back right away or I would be in trouble and my card (they have on file) will be charge.

Oh God,Im trusting these people with my financial info? Do you think right away means two weeks, three weeks, a month? I bet you they will not be as patient as I have been.

Makes me want a cigarette.horrible

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